A Crisp Shanghai Night

Tonight was one of those rare nights in Shanghai where the moon was out in full force and the sky was just super clear. At any given time today you could see the entire Pudong skyline from as far as the French Concession. The air is typically thick with a mixture of smog and fog, which makes it impossible to see the skyline, even from the Bund promenade. Hopefully we have more awesome weather this weekend, and more importantly, awesome air quality.


One thought on “A Crisp Shanghai Night

  1. Good Afternoon, Im a Digital Artist located in Guadalajara México and I loved your Picture of Shanghai! I wanted to ask you if it does not matter if i use it as a source plate for a matte painting Im doing on my free time, it is just a personal project without intentions of making money of it and no one is paying me for that, of course I am going to give you all the credit for the photo on my e-portfolio and a link for the people to come see your work, thank you very much!

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