Koh Rong

After 3 days in Siem Reap and a night in Sihanoukville, we headed to Koh Rong for a total change of pace. Koh Rong is a small beach island that is a 2 hour ferry ride from Sihanoukville.

We spent our 3 nights in Koh Rong in beach bungalows. Originally we were supposed to stay in one of these treehouses, but they were all booked, so we ended up staying in a bungalow, which is essentially a ground level treehouse.

There are about 10 restaurants and bars on the island, no TV’s or computers, and a whole lot of beach. There was not much to plan or do, so we spent a lot of time relaxing in the sand and chasing crabs on the beach.

Jing is chasing a crab.

We decided to wake up at around 5AM on the second day to catch the sunrise. There were a few outdoor beds and beach chairs on the beach so we just waited in the semi-dark until the sun came up.

On our last day, we decided to take a small boat to the north side of the island to hang out on a more secluded beach area. The Long Beach is a 3km mile stretch of beach with super white sand, but they were filming Survivor there, so we had to boat for an hour and a half past that to the other side of the island in this small rocky boat.

The north beach was really nice. There was nobody else on the beach when we arrived; just us and our boat in the ocean. Also, the sand and water both seemed a lot cleaner on this side of the island.

Overall, I thought Koh Rong was awesome. Chillin on the beach for a few days is definitely a good way to vacation and get away from everything.


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