Phnom Kulen

After traveling for about an hour by tuk-tuk, we got to Phnom Kulen National Park. We were told there was an awesome waterfall there, so we decided to check it out. We were also told that there was a chance the waterfall may be dried up this time of year, but we remained hopeful. I thought we would drive up, see the waterfall, and be on our way; but little did we know, there was a 1 mile hike through the jungle involved.

Here is the beginning of the trail. It was a medium-easy ascent to the top with a bunch of fun things to see along the way.

There was a stretch of the trail with really long, bendy, and stretchy branches everywhere that we used as tree-swings. Krystin hates this picture, but it makes me smile (@Krystin – so too bad for you!).

We got to the end of the trail and found a tiny trickle of water flowing down some medium sized rocks. Extremely underwhelming to say the least. Tired and disappointed, the girls decided to chill on some swingy tree branches before we made our trek back.

As we walk away from the non-existent waterfall, a man informs us that the main waterfall is still up ahead. We walk about 10 more meters and come across this:

It isn’t the most baller waterfall ever, but we were still pretty excited to see it. All of us stripped down to our underwear and jumped in. It was all fun and good until Jing noticed some leeches on his body. Everyone was pretty grossed out, so we quickly jumped out we got on our way.

After doing some research online, I found that this is what the waterfall is supposed to look like during the peak season.

And because there is so much more water, the trail opens up to an even bigger and better waterfall as seen here:

Oh well, I still had fun; even though our waterfall looks like nothing compared to the peak waterfall season photos.


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