Angkor Wat

The first stop in our Cambodia trip was Siem Reap. We spent most of our time in Siem Reap visiting the amazing temples in the area. We started with the most famous, Angkor Wat. It was actually not my favorite temple, but it was huge and pretty amazing nonetheless.

There are a bunch of dark hallways inside the temple, and the entire place is giant stone maze.

I left the group to snap some pics and stumbled upon Krystin chillin in one of the “pits”. Not sure what these pits were used for back in the day, but they were pretty neat.

It was a really nice day when we went; super sunny yet not too hot. We got pretty lucky considering it was supposed to rain for most of the time we were in Cambodia.

All around the temple were these super long hallways with support columns. This made for some pretty neat forced perspective shots.

I went through a few rolls at Angkor Wat; Ilford HP5+, Tri-x, Portra 400, and Velvia. I especially like the Velvia, but pretty disappointed with my lack of focusing skills. A lot of cool shots are useless because they aren’t in focus 😦


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