So I’ve had this idea in my head for a while, but I’ve always been curious to see what it’d look like if i setup the tripod on an escalator and did a long exposure. Finally found an appropriate escalator in Hong Kong with adequate lighting, good background, and not too many people (so I didn’t look crazy taking the escalator like 20 times). Here’s what I got. Wasn’t sure how I wanted to process these, so I tried some different things here:

I decided to sit in on this one. Sat there for 10 seconds, trying as hard as I could not to move.

I wasn’t really digging how I’m visible but not really in focus, so I decided to sit in for a shorter period of time. I kinda dig this ghosting effect a little more.

Then I tried to get myself in 2 places in the picture, so I sat 5 steps up then stood about 3 steps down. Don’t think I sat for long enough though; I was kinda scared of running out of escalator haha

All in all I think this worked out a little better than I thought it would have. Gonna find a better escalator to try this out on; this one was kinda shaky and the shot didn’t turn out quite how i wanted it. Gonna try to use one of those flat walking escalators that they have at airports and maybe a stationary object for the subject to see if I can get some better in-focus/blurred contrast.


3 thoughts on “Escalator

  1. U need a flash…next time u try something like this just hit he shutter then fire an external flash at any time during the exposure n u should be straight as far as getting a shot where you’re in focus

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