Suicide Bridge

So I set out to look for this bridge that my Mom was telling me about.  We were watching some Chinese movie, and she mentioned that this bridge in Shanghai was really famous; lots of movies were shot there and lots of people go there to commit suicide.  Naturally I had to go check this out.  I set out on my bike towards the river and crossed a ton of bridges.  This one kinda looked like it, but it wasn’t; still a neat photo though (Yes I stood in the middle of the street to get this shot haha).

Finally got home and decided to google it.  The bridge she’s talking about is the Wai Bai Du Bridge, which is a much busier bridge so I probably won’t be able to get an angle from the middle of the street but it should be interesting nonetheless; I’ll check that out tomorrow.

As with most facts and stories my mother tells me, they are mixed up with other stories from other places.  There is no history of suicides on the Wai Bai Du bridge.  The bridge my Mom is thinking of is the Yangtze River Bridge in Nanjing.

“Every Saturday and Sunday someone goes to Nanjing’s Yangtze River Bridge to die.”


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