Shanghai Fixed

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had any real pictures from Shanghai; and I think its mostly due to the fact that I really had no way of getting around.  I tried my hand at taking long walks to find stuff to shoot, but the monotony of the French Concession area just wasn’t doing it for me.  I did have a mountain bike available to me, but felt awkward riding that thing around, so I decided to pick up something more familiar.  Super glad I pulled the trigger on my new bike; spent the day riding it with a big smile on my face and got to know the city a little better.

Shanghai is a super bike-friendly city.  There are huge dedicated bike lanes throughout the city, and neat little bike-only streets like this one.  Not a bike lane or a park bike path, but a road through the city just for bikes.  Awesome.

3 thoughts on “Shanghai Fixed

  1. Found a little fixed gear shop out here, and just picked up one of their in-house bikes. Got to pick out all the parts, so I went with deep V’s and sugino cranks. Everything else is pretty generic but good enough quality.

    The IRO is still in New York. Would’ve been a bitch to try to ship that over

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