Hong Kong

Just made it to Shanghai after finishing up my week in Hong Kong. The overall environment in Hong Kong is quite monotonous, if you’ve seen one part of the city, you’ve pretty much seen it all. Also, the city is super foggy all the time; i was told it was a combination of fog and smog so its pretty thick. So despite the dope city skyline, you can’t really see it all too well. I decided to get closer to the bigger buildings to get some better shots

I actually stayed in Sha Tin while I was out there, which is about a 30 minute cab ride from the main city area. However, the cab rides were reserved for when I was too drunk to handle public transportation. Normally I just took the subway to a bigger train then a bus to home.

All in all, Hong Kong was a pretty fun time, but not as much to see as I hoped there would be. More pics of Hong Kong to come; and hopefully some shots of Shanghai this week.


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